Graham Chiz


Motorbike and Kayak Adventures in Queensland

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My home

I came to Australia in 1970. I was born in Wales UK. I have lived and worked in Western Australia, Victoria, Tasmania. and travelled the continent extensively over the last fifty years. I have been living in Bundaberg for many years. Bundaberg is situated in Queensland 230 miles/370 Km north of Brisbane. The town is located on the Burnett river. About 16 km from the coast and lots of lovely beaches. One of my pastimes is building strip built kayaks. I have built ten over the last 12 years, and there is no shortage of places to paddle them. I started building kayaks in 1956 in Gower South Wales UK. It was a wooden frame with a canvass skin. A PBK 14. A terrific little boat which I used for a number of years before going into the RAF at the age of 18 for 2+1 years. We were made to play Rugby Union in Wales while at school and I played some Club Rugby and Rugby while in the RAF. My main sports were rock climbing/ mountaineering. Mainly in North Wales but also Climbed in Scotland, Germany, Austria and Northern Italy. Snow skiing in Norway and Austria.


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